Lighting electrician

Harvey and Company Electrical Services are experienced lighting electricians and will be delighted to help with all your indoor and outdoor lighting requirements, whether it’s replacing existing lighting or installing new or additional lights.

Harvey and Co Lighting Electrician

We can give you advice and direction if needed towards energy efficient lighting ie, low energy or LED lighting both of which can make a good saving on your energy bill.  We can also offer a wide range of advice and experience in the following areas of Lighting:

Security Lighting / CCTV

Security lighting and CCTV is an effective deterrent against crime since the majority of criminal activities occur during the hours of darkness.

With all security lighting quality is key, and here at Harvey and Company Electrical Services we only install quality products, giving you high quality and great value.

All our systems are tested before installation and we only use products which have passed all UK standards.

With our security lighting/CCTV we will firstly advise on the correct positions of where we will install the lights/ cameras and then make any amendments that you wish.
CCTV features:

  • Wired & Wireless Systems
  • Mobile Viewing (iPhone, Blackberry)
  • Remotely Monitored
  • D1 Real-time Recording
  • Alarm Input Activations
  • DVD/USB Backup
  • Remote Viewing Software
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Provide Warning Stickers

Intelligent Lighting systems:

At Harvey and Company our experienced engineers can offer advice into a wide range of intelligent lighting systems including Lutron and Rako systems.

Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs or just manage lighting control solutions all of the products we install will take care of this for you whether it be single room systems or whole house installations.

Having the right lighting can make such a difference to your home/business. There are so many options available – spotlights, dimmers, halogen… whatever you choose, our experienced engineers will have the job done in no time, respecting your property at all times. You’ll wonder why you put it off for so long!

If you’re looking for an electrician in Blackheath, an electrician in Greenwich, or you’re based in South London, Kent, Surrey or Sussex and need a lighting electrician, please don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange a free quote.